Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finding the Dress

Almost as soon as the hunt began, it was over - and I'm not talking deer hunting here. I'm talking dress shopping. Wedding dress shopping to be exact.

Yes, I've found "the one". The dress that I'll walk down the aisle in to marry "the one". Sounds so silly - but its true. You find that one perfect dress to marry that one perfect man. 

Wedding dress shopping turned out to be a lot different than what I had originally thought. For as much as TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress" portrays women sobbing with tears of joy when they find their dress (and for as big of a cry baby as I am...I mean, lets be honest here...) I was SURE that I would be crying when I found it. There were no tears on this end though (at least not the kind of tears you hope for). What I originally had picked out while doing some online and magazine shopping was not at all what I ended up with. (Rachel, Katie, Sarah - you were right!) You think you know (at least I did anyways), but until you start trying these big beautiful dresses on, you don't know. It came down to trying the same style on over and over and really finding one that had all of the details I wanted, was the right price, and made me feel the best. When I saw it - I just knew.

At least I thought I knew...until the next day when I decided I would continue to do a little more browsing online, found about 10 more dresses I wanted to try on, had a complete case of buyer's remorse and broke down in tears. Yeah....these are the tears that I shed. They don't show you anything like this on "Say Yes to the Dress"!!!

Anyways, everything is fine now. The dress is beautiful and I know I will fall in love with all over again when it arrives and fits correctly.

In other wedding planning news, our engagement pictures came back yesterday!! I love how they turned out and they will look fantastic on our Christmas card this year. Keely's work is amazing. She's very talented and I would recommend her to anyone. I was nervous about how the ones with Eddie would turn out. He was not the most well-behaved animal that day and it took a lot of patience and talent to capture those moments, but she did and I think they look great. For those of you that are extremely curious, you can check out the photos hereThe password is 091512.

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